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People with type 2 diabetes often do not have any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they are often ignored because they may not seem serious. Symptoms in Type 1 Diabetes usually come on much more suddenly and are often severe.

Common symptoms of diabetes include:

  • Excessive thirst and appetite
  • Increased urination (sometimes as often as every hour)
  • Unusual weight loss or gain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea, perhaps vomiting
  • Blurred vision
  • In women, frequent vaginal infections
  • In men and women, yeast infections
  • Dry mouth
  • Slow-healing sores or cuts
  • Itching skin, especially in the groin or vaginal area

Call your doctor about diabetes if:

  • You feel nauseated, weak, and excessively thirsty; are urinating very frequently; have abdominal pain
  • You are breathing more deeply and rapidly than normal — perhaps with sweet breath that smells like nail polish remover — you need immediate medical attention for ketoacidosis — a potentially deadly complication of Type 1 Diabetes.
  • If you are having weakness or fainting spells; are experiencing a rapid heartbeat, trembling, and excessive sweating; and feel irritable, hungry, or suddenly drowsy. You could be developing hypoglycemia — low blood sugar that can occur with diabetes treatment. Follow your treatment plan for what to do if you develop hypoglycemia.

In Greentree Pharmacy, we understand the special need to people with pre-diabetes and diabetes conditions. We provide a free nutritional consultation on healthy diet for patients with diabetes and people who need to control their blood sugar level. We keep in stock all needed medications and supplies for Diabetes.

T ell your doctor to Fax or send Electronic Prescriptions for the medications you take and we will be happy to help you. Our pharmacists are very knowledgeable about new medications and treatments for diabetes and will find ways to improve your care and lifestyle.

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